Monday, August 8, 2011

Emanations is Available

Our expectations descend through chasms of arcane wonder, where the Internet shapes marvelous new communities, even as the Academy breaks the chains of worn convention and formal discipline, sending forth a new class of scholars to explore the frontiers of unique realms. Amidst this progress, strangely enough and yet quite appropriately, consciousness rebels. In these pages are stories, poems, and essays that are exuberant, eloquent, and original—where expression and intelligence commingle in a flash of awakening. Whether this new consciousness is human or perhaps something greater remains to be seen, but by looking into our emanations we might find an answer.

The first anthology to be released by International Authors, Emanations showcases the work of sixteen writers from around the world. With illustrations by Kai Robb, Dario Rivarossa and Vitasta Raina.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About Three-Four Weeks....

Emanations is in the final production stage. Should be soon.

Writer's Block

On behalf of International Authors, I am happy to announce the publication of Vitasta Raina's novella Writer's Block.

Welcome to Chalet, the city of manicured luxury and western complexity, where India's rise to the promised land of elegant living and boundless consumerism is unchecked, except by the force of the millions living in the slums beyond the barrier walls. Their official fate is oblivion, and yet there is for them an existence of sorts--within the dreams and visions of those who dwell inside the Writer's Block.

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Vitasta Raina is an architect and urban planner in Mumbai, India.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Emanations: On the Move

The editorial process for Emanations has begun. A publication date of July first is currently projected.

While the anthology is officially closed to further submissions, it still might be possible to place material into the anthology. Have a project you think fits? Contact the editors:

It is going to be a sizable volume.....

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for an announcement concerning a new International Authors publication, a novella by Vitasta Raina.

Diogenes is Now Available

International Authors has published Carter Kaplan's Aristophanic comedy Diogenes.

Many thanks to International Authors, especially E. L. Riches for her Introduction, L. Sterns Newburg for his keen and acerbic reading ("Yes, it's wonderful, but what is it?"), Dana Sebree for her razor-sharp editing skills, and Vitasta Raina and Kai Robb for their work on the cover.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deadline Feb 15

Deadline for submissions is February 15.

The process of sending manuscripts out for review has been going on for some time, and hopefully this will expedite the production process. Emanations could be out as early as April.