Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Emanations: On the Move

The editorial process for Emanations has begun. A publication date of July first is currently projected.

While the anthology is officially closed to further submissions, it still might be possible to place material into the anthology. Have a project you think fits? Contact the editors:

It is going to be a sizable volume.....

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for an announcement concerning a new International Authors publication, a novella by Vitasta Raina.

Diogenes is Now Available

International Authors has published Carter Kaplan's Aristophanic comedy Diogenes.

Many thanks to International Authors, especially E. L. Riches for her Introduction, L. Sterns Newburg for his keen and acerbic reading ("Yes, it's wonderful, but what is it?"), Dana Sebree for her razor-sharp editing skills, and Vitasta Raina and Kai Robb for their work on the cover.

Click here to view the Amazon description.