Friday, March 28, 2014

Update: Emanations IV

The response to the Call for Submissions has been tremendous. A large volume of material has come in..

In fact, the ms. is nearly finished.  Much of the art work has come in. Next comes a light creative edit, the final formatting, and then the copy edit. Kai Robb is now working on the cover art.

Stay tuned.


  1. Greetings. Thought I'd comment since I was here after a long time :)

  2. I think I may have something for this. How much time do I have before you go to print? This one is not classifiable as fiction or nonfiction -- but it's something that blurs the lines between Gothic Fiction and Creative Nonfiction; every aspect of this submission. I need all the real places and publications in there -- as they are the there for a reason. Don't cut out the real media either because they are instrumental for me to tell the story.